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Welcome to the underwater world of Dutch mermaid Crystal. Add a splash of magic to any event, party or film & tv session with one of the best trained and professional mermaids of the Netherlands.

Impress guests and audiences of any age with a real life mermaid. Wether it’s a ‘dry’ on land setting, a tank or a pool; magic can happen anywhere across the Netherlands, Europe or anywhere in the world.



Born in 1988, Amsterdam – the Netherlands, the year after Disney’s the Little Mermaid was released, Marijke Pie grew up watching our favorite mermaid on VHS and other Disney Classics.

She has always wanted to be an artist, which expressed itself in becoming a photographer and photoshop specialist first. In 2012 she discovered the world of real life mermaids. From that moment on she decided to be one herself and started scuba diving and freediving to get a head start at all the necessary underwater skills. Currently her breath hold is 4.28 minutes and she can dive to -28 meters depth.

Over the years she has worked in pools, tanks, aquariums and lakes. She worked for L’Oreal and Inglot cosmetics, has been in the media all over Europe, including radio, tv, newspapers and magazines.

In 2016 she set up the first professional Dutch mermaid school. Here she teaches her own developed course, gives Mermaid Experiences if you want to try a tail for an hour, does kids birthday parties, bachelor parties and teaches for businessday events. You can even buy your own mermaid tail in the webshop.


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For bookings and inquiries contact me. I love discussing all the possibilities with you: meet & greet a real mermaid, get your photo taken at a mermaid photobooth, educational talks about ocean environments, beach or pool party, serving snacks and drinks, any promotional activity for your brand, modeling for photo and video shoots, or anything else we can come up with.